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A simpler (and beautiful) way to manage your time, meet TimeDoser

Minimal, poweful tool for productivity. Get a break!

To start, click the ! button :)
That's it.
Work! I'll tell you when to get a break
Feeling focused? Skip that break!
Don't worry, your break time will accumulate up to 20 minutes
Added PAUSE functionality (sorry for the delays)
Improved break skip fast countdown animation
Fixed negative second values on break skip fast countdown animation
Added Dutch (incomplete), thanks Carlos Jeurissen
Added Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal versions, thanks Victor @OneMoreCore
Please help me translate TimeDoser into your language :)
Send an email to contacto@daniguardiola.me
Fixed window not visible when interval ends
Improved transitions and animations
Mini mode is now persisted
Always on top (pinned mode) is now persisted
Now the app will persist mini mode when closing settings
Fixed some CSS issues
Now settings are full-height
Added setting: interval amount until long break
Added setting: expand on interval end
Added setting: get on top of other windows on interval end
Fixed bug with settings button ripple rotation
Added translations to settings
Settings will now be saved instantly without buttons
Added hints on hover to most of the elements
Always on top will now make the app visible on all workspaces when possible
Fast countdown animation when skipping a break
Shortcuts added for start / stop, pausing, mini mode and always on top
Added and translated tooltips for settings
Skipped breaks are now accumulated
Fixed ripple for mini mode
Fixed a few Windows OS related bugs and tested
Fixed a bug with tooltip position
Improved TAB-focus functionality (still buggy)
Yes, pause will be coming back very soon :)
Fixed close button (sorry guys)
Fixed notifications
Fixed issue with settings that caused timer to not work
Fixed window focus on time ending
Fixed mini (collapsed) mode on Windows
Fixed name stuck when stopping timer
Yes, pausing is coming back soon
Welcome to the new TimeDoser! As you can see, the app has been TOTALLY redesigned and rebuilt from scratch, with almost every feature it had before, and usign Material Design. I'm very excited about this and I'm planning on adding a lot of cool features. As a user, your help would be really helpful, so send me any questions / bugs / suggestions / love to contact@daniguardiola.me :). Also sharing the app and donating will help me pay the rent so I can continue developing open source tools like TimeDoser! Thanks
Fixed Work and Break popups (text didn't fit in some cases)
Removed focus on the last 5 seconds before changing state
Work and Break popups follow the window correctly now
Removed ugly ripple (I don't know what I was thinking)
Preparing for some cool updates, stay tuned
New website with changelog and help. Hello user!
Fixed edge snap, now it can stick to any side of the screen and only if close (thanks @miabrahams)
Changed colors to material design palette
Lot of bugs fixes
Added settings
Removed task list and input
Big big refactor
Big, I mean really big
Like big, very big.
First release!

How does it work?
Click the button and start working. You'll know when to take a break and when to go back to work!

I want to work / relax some more / less time.
You can change the time intervals, toggle notifications and sound from the settings by clicking the button when the timer is not running.